Step 1: Remove the aloe vera skin

First, you wash the aloe vera leaves and dry them. In order for aloe vera pulp not to be bitter, you need to cut off the aloe vera stem (about 10 cm) and soak it in water to remove the aloe sap. Next, you cut off the thorns and create a groove to separate the aloe leaves. You also cut off the tip where there is no flesh and the stem of the aloe vera so that the aloe vera pulp does not become bitter. 

Next, use your hands to press the aloe vera leaf onto the cutting board and use a knife to separate the flesh and skin of the aloe leaf. If the aloe leaf is long, it can be cut into 2-3 pieces for easy manipulation. After separating the aloe vera meat into chunks, soak the aloe vera meat in water with salt and lemon juice added to remove the viscosity.

Step 2: Processing aloe vera

Mix aloe vera flesh in lemon juice and salt, and soak for about 15 minutes before rinsing with water. You should wash 2-3 times to reduce the viscosity of aloe vera.

You prepare a pot of water to boil and put the aloe vera meat in to boil over. Then take out the aloe vera meat and put it in a bowl of ice water, making it more crispy and delicious. 

Step 3: Ready to use in drinks

After soaking the ice, remove the aloe vera flesh into a clean bowl. So you have completed the quick and simple way to make aloe vera with the finished product being pieces of cool, crisp aloe, not bitter or viscous, ready to use with drinks! 


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